Sometimes you need to test the waters before you make a splash or take the plunge. 

You don't want to dive in with just anyone. I understand. Let's start with a great conversation.

If you've ever participated in a genuinely great conversation, you know that conversation is so much more than mere chatting and tongue-waggling. Every conversation is a vital opportunity to explore and share our experience of ourselves and our world, but great conversations change the course of our lives, influencing every significant decision, action, and result.

Contact me to schedule a free 20-minute consultation.

You. Me. Let's explore the possibility.


If you're ready to commit...

Get Your Feet Wet

USD 225/session (special introductory rate).

Experience a potent, seamless blend of coaching, self leadership, and personalized strategy. Our first conversation serves to clarify your goals and map the overall course of our work together. In subsequent sessions, we think aloud and talk it through. We figure out what's up and what's next.

Together, we create a catalytic, confidential space for you to explore and serve what matters most to you. 

This one-month partnership includes:

  • One complimentary 20-minute consultation

  • One 60-minute goal-clarification session

  • Two 60-minute private sessions (F2F, phone, or online) 

  • PDF summary of my session notes

  • Email support throughout 


Why three sessions?

Firstly, I'm really good at what I do, but I'm not a magician. However you got here, it didn't happen overnight. Wherever you're headed, it won't happen overnight.

The magic that happens here takes time to distillmore like single malt than moonshine.

Secondly, our work together is likely to be deeply personal, nuanced, and transformative. You're going to want to sip and savor rather than chug and swill. After all, I'm guessing that if it was simple, quick, and easy, you'd have already done it yourself.

Thirdly, I'm of the opinion that anything worth doing is worth trying at least three times. 

Ready? If you're like most people, it's going to take you at least three hours to overcome your initial indecision, procrastination, resistance, what-have-you, and actually schedule your sessions (just schedule already!).

And if you're not like most people, and you scheduled your sessions lickety-split, high five, Wunderbright! (That's my nickname for you until we're properly introduced, although if you like it, you can keep it. Sparkle-pants is already taken.)