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Integrity Dynamics 2018

Integrity Dynamics is a practical approach for navigating the uncertainty, complexity, and urgency of our times with greater integrity. 

This course will shift your experience of yourself, others, and the world in profound and unpredictable ways.

It will challenge some assumptions and perturb the status quo, often revealing previously unrecognized perspectives and patterns of experience—blindspots, tender places, and sticking points.

Becoming more conscious of our experience in this way can be deeply unsettling, as we begin to surface the habitual beliefs, values, and assumptions about who we are and the nature of our reality that often influence our decisions and actions without our necessarily realizing it.

Yet, the process can also be immensely constructive as we liberate ourselves from habitual responses and outdated modes of being that no longer serve us or the greater world we inhabit, making space for new ways of being and doing that help us have a better experience of being human together.

It is not for everyone, especially not the faint-hearted or feeble-minded. 

This course is for those of you who:   

  • sense that there is a deep shift needed in the way we live and work together
  • yearn for goodness to prevail in the world
  • want to navigate the gap between what is and what could be with fewer bumps and bruises
  • seek to reorient yourself to a wholeness that can hold broken(hearted)ness 
  • understand that the simplicity on the other side of complexity is worth the effort, and that the roar on the other side of silence must be heard for us to truly live
  • want to be welcome just as you are, freak(in’ genius) flag and all
  • realize that sacred cows and white elephants have a lot to teach us
  • need a refuge that enlivens rather than dulls the senses
  • are tired of sitting alone in the dark worrying about the state of your sanity, your relationship, your household, your business/organization, your country, the world
  • would like to be better equipped to address the complexity, uncertainty, and urgency of our times

It is for intrepid entrepreneurs, artists, activists, positive deviants, quiet revolutionaries, institutional innovators, global nomads, change makers, world shakers, troubadours, provocateurs, cape-less crusaders, and daring do-gooders committed to a world propelled by the wisdom of discerning knowledge, the compassion of genuine connection, and the power of embodied commitment. 

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