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Partner Floor-Play: A Playshop for Getting in Touch
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Partner Floor-Play: A Playshop for Getting in Touch

  • 5940 Rose Loop Northeast Bainbridge Island, WA, 98110 United States (map)
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You. Your Partner. And Some Safe, Fun, Intimate Floor-Play.

In this 3-hour experiential playshop, you and your partner (spouse, friend, soul-mate, and/or play-mate) will explore healthy, sensual, consensual touch with expert guidance from Yours Truly (Karen Sella, MA, LMT, CYT).

What to Expect


Partner massage doesn't have to be complicated, but it does have to be good for you and your partner. You will learn the basic elements of skillful touch and easy-to-practice techniques for giving each other a great massage.


Delivering massages can actually be hard on the body if you don't know how to use your body correctly to deliver a massage. I'll offer practical tips and techniques to help you avoid hurting yourself (or your partner) while delivering a massage, so it can be an enjoyable experience for both of you.

Also, please note that this experience involves sitting, kneeling, and lying on the (padded) floor, and while I can offer some modifications, please come prepared to take good care of yourself given these conditions.


Safe space has become somewhat politicized in today's world, but feeling safe is essential for giving and receiving a good massage. We will create the inner and outer safety required for giving and receiving positive touch.

Please come prepared to welcome and appreciate all shapes, shades, and affinities. 


This particular class will be held at my home on Bainbridge Island. Space is limited to 4 duos, so RSVP ASAP if you and your partner want to attend.

Also, if you can't attend this one, but want to be first to know about the next one, get in touch, and I will add you to the waitlist.

More info: 

What to Wear

My playshops are PG-rated for consenting adults.

You won’t be stripping or swinging. These massages are given and received fully clothed while lying on the floor (well, really on a cushy mat on the floor), and you massage the partner you brought.

Wear loose, comfy clothing that you doesn't restrict your movement and keeps your private bits private. You may also want to wear layers to be able to adjust your body's temperature as needed.

What you do in the privacy of your own space is up to you, but the course is designed to teach the basic elements of massage in a way that easily translates to a more intimate setting without requiring anyone to get (semi)naked with strangers. 

What to Bring

No expensive massage table required. Please bring a pillow and a comforter or thick blanket to this class (bring one per person). Also, if you happen to have a camping pad, Thai massage or yoga mat, bring that too. 

Most of us don't deliver personal massages on professional massage tables at home, and beds or couches are usually not supportive enough for good massage, so I teach you how to give a great massage on the floor.

Obviously, a floor can be too hard and cold for many of us, so we will take our cues from Asian-style professional massage, and modify the floor to meet our needs with some padding. 

If you happen to have a Thai floor mat, these are ideal, and I will use one to demonstrate during our playshop. The class floor will be layered with cushioned exercise mats for your comfort and convenience during our practice.

However, I will also show you how to layer comforters, pillows, and/or yoga mats to work on each other at home without the added benefit of professional mats. 


This RSVP is for you and your "plus one." Although our pre-massage warmup involves a bit of low-contact group interaction, you are expected to bring a partner who you will work with exclusively during class.

Please note that the course fee is for 2 participants, and non-refundable. 

If I can offer any additional information or assistance regarding this playshop or any other offering, please feel free to contact me directly

Also, if you'd like to set up private sessions for you and your partner (or a group of close friends) to learn massage techniques to practice at home (clothed or draped), this can be arranged by appointment. 

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