The body is our experience of ourselves, our temple in which the light of spirit burns. Unconscious worlds, numinous worlds, worlds with high order, and worlds with no apparent order can become known within the body, because of the body.”
— Adler, 2002

Sustain sound body, heart, and mind through potent, compassionate, and intelligent human touch. One of the oldest therapeutic practices in the world, massage works in conjunction with our natural ability to remedy imbalances and heal ourselves, vis medicatrix naturae (“the healing power of nature”). For centuries, massage has been used to maintain vibrant health and well-being, boosting the immune system, releasing tension, reducing pain, and promoting healing.

All Lumière massage treatments include: 

  • A brief conversation about your overall well-being, conditions, intentions, and preferences
  • At least 75 minutes of actual massage customized for you given your particular needs
  • 100% certified organic or wildcrafted, extra-virgin oils or lotions as desired
  • Massage table dressed with organic linens and heated for your personal comfort
  • Complimentary aromatherapy, if desired. 

With a spacious 90 minutes dedicated for each treatment, the sessions are designed to offer deep rest, relief, and relaxation. My priority is creating the optimal conditions for you to receive what you need without rushing. You may arrange a shorter session, but the fee is per treatment, so I encourage you to give yourself the luxury of lingering.

AVAILABLE BY APPOINTMENT. Please keep in mind that I only work with a limited number of seriously awesome, committed clients at any given time. This keeps me sane, healthy, and best of all, fully attentive to you. If you want to work together, get your sessions on my calendar sooner rather than later. You're welcome to schedule online (see online booking calendar below) or ring/text 206.780.2998.

If you are a local professional interested in receiving onsite chair massage—short therapeutic massages delivered to fully clothed professionals seated in a specialized massage chair set up in your workplaceplease contact me to make arrangements.  


Book Your Sessions

Please feel free to use the handy-dandy online booking service below. If you need a different time than those available, check in with me. If I can accommodate your schedule, I will happily do so. I look forward to seeing you soon.


“Recent research suggests that rituals may be more rational than they appear. Why? Because even simple rituals can be extremely effective. Rituals performed after experiencing losses—from loved ones to lotteries—do alleviate grief, and rituals performed before high-pressure tasks—like singing in public—do in fact reduce anxiety and increase people’s confidence. What’s more, rituals appear to benefit even people who claim not to believe that rituals work.”
— Francesca Gino & Michael Norton, Why Rituals Work


About the Massage Techniques 

About the Oils, Lotions &  Potions 

Complimentary aromatherapy is offered as part of each treatment as desired.

All oils are not created equal. Lumière custom blends are crafted using the highest grade 100% certified organic or wildcrafted, extra-virgin oils that are cold-pressed or steam-distilled to retain the most natural nutrients and sourced from reputable suppliers who practice sustainable harvesting as much as possible. Using classic perfumery compositions of citrus top notes, floral middle notes, and woody or resin base notes, I create well-balanced, fragrant blends of carrier and essential oils that delight skin, sense, and soul.

Bliss Blend: an uplifting blend bergamot, neroli, and frankincense 

Calm Balm: a soothing blend of tulsi, lavender, frankincense 

Dragon’s Breath: a warming blend of eucalyptus, rosemary, and myrrh

Massage (carrier) oils are primarily used to nourish and moisturize your skin while creating a smoother, frictionless massage. These also form the necessary base for aromatherapy essential oils that enhance your massage experience with potent healing properties.  

Essential oils are highly concentrated oil extracts or “essences” derived from a variety of flowers, fruits, herbs, grasses and trees valued for their potent healing and aromatic properties. Before one can safely experience the benefits of essential oils, the oils must be diluted with hot water (for inhalation via hot compresses, steams, diffusers) or with carrier oils (for topical application in skincare, massage).

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