MEDITATION (F2F • online • phone)


When you're ready to...  

  • Nurture a vital, subtle, intimate connection with your own experience
  • Tune in to some mind-expanding, heart-opening, and life-affirming patterns of coherence
  • Foster greater insight, compassion, and resilience
  • Give yourself some restful space and unrushed time to simply be
  • Develop your own integral, spiritual, and/or contemplative practice.

Available by appointment. 

Seeking some blessed silence, shared solitude, and peace of mind? Ready to experience more conceptual fluidity, emotional equanimity, and essential integrity? 

Let's string some enlightening moments, unnerving observations, random epiphanies, belly laughs, deep breaths, and contented sighs on a coherent thread until you notice the tangible pattern of your own magnificence. Trust me, if you keep stringin’ these together long enough, you begin to see infinity up close and personal. 

I teach traditional yogic meditation practices to individuals and groups. How we work together depends on your intention, disposition, and situation. 

Please keep in mind that I only work with a limited number of seriously awesome, committed clients at any given time. This keeps me sane, healthy, and best of all, fully attentive to you. If you want to work together, get your sessions on my calendar sooner rather than later. 

Rates & Booking

Let's be luminous together. Please schedule your sessions online or ring/text 206.780.2998 to discuss possibilities. 

Private Session

Semi-private Sessions & Group Events
Rates vary for community and corporate groups. Please get in touch to discuss how we might work together.

If it's feasible, and you're feeling generous, I invite you to Tip the Scale. This supports sessions for those who otherwise would go without and ensures that our community is blessed with goodness from all walks of life. 


"Simply transformative."

My personal retreat with Karen was simply transformative. She created the conditions and held the space for me to reconnect with myself in a away that I've not done in years. It was an amazing experience.

— S.L.

"I am in bliss."

Another chaotic week transformed by Karen Sella. Thank you, Karen, for helping a crazed woman center herself and find her balance. My kids are thankful, my honey is thankful, and I am in bliss. 

— Frances Malone, Malone Pediatrics


"Karen has a gift."

Karen has a gift for explaining subtle aspects of experience in such an accessible manner. I learned so much through this process and look forward to learning more.

Kymmberly Myrick

"Light, navigation, and wisdom."

Karen entered my life as a goddess of light, navigation, and wisdom. My life simply needed her touch for all the good things to happen.

Siren Hakimi, City Planner

"Observant and insightful.

What I love about Karen is that she sees things other people don't even notice. She is so observant and insightful.

— P.S.