Wild Blue Yonder Initiation

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Wild Blue Yonder Initiation


Is it time for a fresh start or a targeted approach? What could you accomplish in three months if you gave yourself the dedicated time, space, and support? Unleash your bravest self and leap tall buildings—with or without the tights and cape.

This 3-month partnership involves a potent and seamless blend of coaching, self leadership, and personalized strategy. Our first conversation serves to clarify your goals and map the overall course of our work together for the remaining sessions. In the subsequent sessions, we will work strategically and productively to create the necessary conditions for you to initiate meaningful change. 

Wild Blue Yonder Initiation includes:

  • One 60-minute initial consultation and goal-clarification session

  • Six one-hour 1:1 sessions (F2F, phone, or online) 

  • PDF summary of my session notes

  • Email communication throughout.

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