A Bed of Grass

A Bed of Grass

There are those days when I need to lie down on a bed of grass 

And rest

If not for an eternity, for a moment out of time

To stretch my belonging 

To inhabit the earth

To inhale the life of the infinitesimal that I may recall the infinite

That I may pause and ponder alive 

The majesty of blue skies 

Eluding the downtrodden gaze of hustling masses.

Those who pause and beseech the heavens 

Occasionally find sweet solace in a cloud

Lifting to reveal a ray of sunshine

Beaming, streaming warmth for just one spectacular moment.

When life overwhelms, find a patch of grass and surrender.

Even cold, wet moss on a damp, dreary day can invigorate and soothe.

Embrace the dirt and cleanse the soul.

Lie down and look up.

Rest and inhale the sky.

All that is right in the world is a result of uniting with the world.

All else, fracturing fiction.

Karen Sella