You Oughta Be in Pictures

Sometimes, it seems the universe conspires to create the most delightful circumstances. Still, I was slow to recognize the gift as it was offered.

When my awesome client, Steve Thomas, suggested that I meet a local filmmaker looking for a few more interesting projects, I instantly thought of a few people I know who might have an interest in creating a promotional video. 

And then it dawned on me.

Oh. He means me.


Oh, I don't know. I found myself hemming and hawing. Steve was all smiles and understanding, encouraging without pressuring.  

This is the gazillionth time in the last few years that I have been nudged to embrace video culture, which I do. I watch and appreciate videos. I just don't produce, direct, act, or get anywhere remotely close to a video camera. The idea of me on film (do people even use "film" and "video"interchangeably or is "film" too old-school?) makes me squirm a little.

But I trust Steve. If you met Steve, you would trust him too. In fact, if you ever need someone trustworthy to help you develop relationship-based income strategies, you should definitely meet Steve and his crew over at Oneicity. And if even if you don't need his professional services, you should still meet Steve because he's just fun to know.

Plus, this invitation seemed a whole lot like a Red Umbrella Day, and those of us familiar with Red Umbrella Days know that these mean growth and happy endings.

So I agreed to meet Matt. 

It turns out that  Matt Longmire of Northwest Films, aside from being a talented filmmaker, is a genuinely nice human being, which makes sense considering that Steve is also a genuinely nice human being.

Matt set me at ease from the get-go, and I can tell that I am in the hands of an artist who will be a pleasure to work with. So many artists have the tech quotient without the emotional quotient to bring out the best in their subjects. Matt has both and then some, which is a gift to those of us fortunate enough to work with him. 

If you're in the market to create a commercial, documentary, PSA, or other video project, I highly recommend connecting with Matt.

So thanks to Steve's thoughtful, well-timed introduction to Matt, those of you who have been encouraging me to venture beyond still photography into video will be pleased to know that I have finally tiptoed into the world of moving pictures.