How we relate to ourselves and each other is the source of so much joy and suffering in our lives. Intimate relationships, in particular, significantly affect our health and wellbeing. Yet, these can be especially tricky.

For one human being to love another: that is perhaps the most difficult of our tasks; the ultimate, the last test and proof, the work for which all other work is but preparation.
— Rainer Maria Rilke

What does it really mean to be in relationship? How do we love ourselves and each other? How do we open ourselves to fully embrace what’s really happening here and now even when we’re struggling?

I offer relationship support for individuals, singles, couples, or other configurations seeking greater clarity, intimacy, and fulfillment. My specialty is helping people navigate the messy magnificence of being human with deep listening, productive pondering, incisive enquiry, fresh perspectives, uncommon clarity, level-headed levity, and heaps of compassion. 

Are you ready to deepen your capacity to love who and how you really are in relationship? Develop relationship habits for loving more truly, wholly, and freely? Shine some light on shadow dynamics that inhibit greater wellbeing? Unravel relationship knots with more grace and ease?

Heart-to-Heart Sessions

My approach is simple: I help you create the space for brave inquiry and genuine intimacy, so you can understand and respond to the truth of your experience with love. 

And although it should go without saying, I’m saying it anyway: I am not here to fix anyone (psst, no one is broken), change your partner (that’s the long route to more suffering), find fault and assign blame (shortcut to suffering), take sides (unhelpful and unprofessional), or save your relationship (results may vary).

My commitment is to help you reveal and deal with what’s real while affirming who you are at your best even when you may feel like you’re at your worst.

Please keep in mind that I only work with a limited number of seriously awesome, committed clients at any given time. This keeps me sane, healthy, and best of all, fully attentive to you. If you want to work together, get your sessions on my calendar sooner rather than later.

Confidential sessions are held in-person, or online via video-conferencing. For video-conferencing sessions, please arrange to be in a quiet, private space where you will be uninterrupted and undistracted (no driving, texting, checking messages, eating, etc.) during the session. Also, if more than one person is participating in the session, each relationship partner should ideally participate from their own device while physically being in the same location.


Our first session serves as an opportunity to clarify your goals and map the overall course of our work together, assuming we’re a good fit.


Commit to 6 sessions scheduled weekly, bi-weekly or monthly (payments may be made per session at the usual 90-minute session rate of USD225, or purchased as a package for a discounted rate of USD200/session).

Why six sessions?

Firstly, I'm really good at what I do, but I'm not a magician. However you got here, it didn't happen overnight. Wherever you're headed, it won't happen overnight.

The magic that happens here takes time to distill.

Secondly, our work together is likely to be deeply personal, nuanced, and transformative. You're going to want to sip and savor rather than chug and swill. After all, I'm guessing that if it was simple, quick, and easy, you wouldn’t be seeking professional assistance.

Ready? If you're like most people, it's going to take you at least three hours to overcome your initial indecision, procrastination, resistance, what-have-you, and actually schedule your sessions (just schedule already!).

And if you're not like most people, and you scheduled your sessions lickety-split, high five, Wunderbright! That's my nickname for you until we're properly introduced, although if you like it, you can keep it. Sparkle-pants is already taken. 


Romancing Reality: Relationship Support for Authentic Loving

Getting to the heart of what’s real in your relationship can be unsettling, as you begin to surface unexamined beliefs about who you are and the nature of your relationship that may be impeding deeper fulfillment.

Yet, the process can also be immensely constructive as you liberate yourselves from outdated modes of being that no longer serve you, making space for more genuine ways of relating to yourselves and each other.

Book a Romancing Reality Retreat, or book private Heart-to-Heart sessions below.


Happily Even After: Relationship Support for Endings & New Beginnings

The truth that hurts is also the truth that sets us free, but that potent space between suffering and liberation can be tricky to navigate alone.

Even when relationships change for the better, transitions can be painful. When change is unwelcome or unexpected, it can be devastating and disorienting.

Whatever your situation—breakdown, breakup, or breakthrough—I’m here to support you in finding your happily-even-after.


One Heart: Relationship Support for Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual awakening profoundly alters who and how you are. As your experience of identity and reality transforms, you no longer identify with yourself and life in the same way. Depending on your constitution, disposition, conditioning and life conditions, the process can range from luminous to tumultuous.

When this occurs while in a relationship, one or both partners can struggle to articulate and integrate the experience.