All Lumière massage treatments include: 

  • A brief conversation about your overall well-being, conditions, intentions, and preferences

  • 60 to 90 minutes of hands-on massage seamlessly blending classic Swedish massage, deep tissue, gentle stretching, and various Eastern techniques customized for you given your particular needs.

  • 100% certified organic or wildcrafted oils and lotions, as desired

  • Massage table dressed and heated for your personal comfort

Rates & Booking

MONDAY-FRIDAY at Dayaalu Center, Bainbridge Island

SATURDAY at Dayaalu Center

If it's feasible, and you're feeling generous, I invite you to Tip the Scale


"The gift of intuitive touch."

It is difficult to write a testimonial for Lumière without sounding over the top, but I'll risk it. I started seeing Karen for massage at a very difficult time in my life. A combination of stress and grief had left my body wrecked. Karen was able to gently but firmly set things back into kilter, locating sources of pain that I was not even fully aware of and deftly relieving these. She has the gift of intuitive touch, perfectly accompanied by her extensive knowledge of physiology. Regular massages from Karen are one of the healthiest, kindest, and most practical things I do for myself.

— Laura Blair Gano, Attorney

"One of the best massages that I've ever had—and I've had hundreds!"

Karen addressed problem areas that really needed tending in such a gradual way that I was able to fully relax and totally let go of stress. This was one of the best massages that I've ever had—and I've had hundreds! I only wish that I had twice the amount of time.

— Laurie McFarlin

"Healing hands and huggable warmth."

Got the first massage of my half-century of existence. My body's machinery is running at a happy low hum, thanks to the healing hands and huggable warmth of Karen Sella. 

— Jim Thomsen, Editor

"You are in for a treat."

From the moment you arrive, you can already feel yourself beginning to relax as you are enveloped in zen-like peace that belies her other talents. Her massage "nook" is warm and inviting. The moment she puts her hands on you, you can tell you are in for a treat. Her style is intuitive and deeply relaxing. She found all the right spots. I left her home feeling taller and more grounded.

— Joy Derriso, LMP

"Rekindling to my spirit, as well as my physical being."

Your body work was rekindling to my spirit, as well as my physical being. After our session, I felt lighter, brighter, and inspired. Thank you.

— M.K.

"Deeply healed on many levels."

I am grateful to have met you and look forward to to my bi-weekly massages, which leave me feeling not only physically relaxed and integrated, but also deeply healed on many other levels. And in addition to your skilled massages, I love your wise insights and generosity of spirit. I drink them in every time I come. more light. Thank you!

— Jenny Coates, Tax Attorney

"Empathy and generosity."

At a time when the world is hard, you gave me a free massage out of the goodness of your soul. I still remember the touch, the feeling, that hour. It was my last massage, and you offered it. Your empathy and generosity and sisterhood made life so much better. It is your grace, your soul. Your are a gift to life itself. I wonder if you know how much you are appreciated and loved. Every single day, you are giving from the radiance of your soul. This is why, I think we were born. To live from that place.

— Lora Jansson



Need a massage where you are? I offer onsite therapeutic massage sessions to select clients by appointment (USD 165 per 60-minute or USD 175 per 90-minute session) if you meet the following criteria:

  • You have received a massage from me at my office on Bainbridge at least once, or are referred by other awesome peeps

  • You provide your own massage table (I supply the linens, oils/lotions unless you prefer to do so)

  • You are on, or within twenty-minutes driving distance from Bainbridge Island (or are prepared to pay additional travel time and expense)

  • Your location is easily accessible for a Mini-Cooper with a low chassis

Sound good? Please contact me directly to book your onsite sessions: 206.780.2998 /

"Pain-free for the first time in months."

Over the past year, I have been the fortunate recipient of massages from Karen. In a word and with no exaggeration, Karen Sella is a healer. While she asked if I was experiencing any particular issues or areas the need more attention, I said not especially other than the usual soreness that we all experience after 50. I was so used to being sore in one area or another that I hadn't even noticed an issue with my shoulder until Karen addressed it during the massage. Karen was able to identify a problem with no indication from me, and my shoulder was pain-free for the first time in months.

— Sally Ann Kuhn, Co-owner, Sash Mercantile

"Truly wonderful massage."

I had a truly wonderful massage from Karen Sella this week. She's got a *wonderful* touch, that's for sure—but, she's also calm, mature, aware, sensitive, and very *present* during a massage. She simply radiates genuineness and trustworthiness....Because she is who she is (not because of what she knows, though she knows plenty), I asked her to work in some otherwise pretty sensitive areas....and she did a great job. 

— Rhonda Henry, LMP

"Gentle, strong, wise practitioner."

Karen is a gentle, strong, wise practitioner. She knows intuitively what my body and spirit need, even when I don't. Whether what is called for is relaxation and soothing touch or more therapeutic, forceful work, Karen has the skills and the wisdom to bring me back home to myself. I also really love the 90-minute option!

— Sue Trinidad