When you are ready to...

  • Feel gobsmackingly comfortable in your own skin

  • Shape your inner experience as much as your outer appearance (a cool head, warm heart, and hot buns)

  • Avoid crowded studios full of hot bodies in tight clothes worshiping the cult of the body beautiful

  • Begin, refine, or refresh a regular yoga practice

  • Experience personalized, undivided attention.

Available by Appointment

Want to be footloose and fancy-free where the rubber meets the toes? Ready to rise and shine with sun salutations, revitalize your being on a cellular level, and sink into the solace of savasana? 

Emphasizing well-being, insight, and ease, I offer private yoga sessions for students desiring a deeper dive into yogic paths for self-realization (Jnana, Karma, Bhakti), and the classic 8-limb tradition (Raja Yoga).

I also offer customized workshops and retreats. Just get in touch to discuss the possibilities.

Please keep in mind that I only work with a limited number of seriously awesome, committed clients at any given time. This keeps me sane, healthy, and best of all, fully attentive to you. If you want to work together, get your sessions on my calendar sooner rather than later. 

Rates & Booking

Is it time to experience a greater sense of well-being?  Let's be luminous together. Schedule your sessions online or ring/text 206.780.2998. 

Private Session

Semi-private Sessions & Group Events
Rates vary for community and corporate groups. Please get in touch to discuss how we might work together.

If it's feasible, and you're feeling generous, I invite you to Tip the Scale. This supports sessions for those who otherwise would go without and ensures that our community is blessed with goodness from all walks of life. 


"I am in bliss."

Another chaotic week transformed by Karen Sella. Thank you, Karen, for helping a crazed woman center herself and find her balance. My kids are thankful, my honey is thankful, and I am in bliss. 

— Frances Malone, Malone Pediatrics

"Welcoming, unpretentious, and comfortable."

Having always been simultaneously intrigued and intimidated by yoga, I had never breached the front lines and attended any classes. I gathered up my courage and resigned myself to possible self-humiliation and called Karen.

My first session was amazing! Karen creates such a welcoming, unpretentious, and comfortable environment. While always challenging your limits, she never pushes too far, and if you happen to stumble ungracefully through any given position as I often do, there is never any reaction other than encouragement. I now practice with her twice per week, and honestly, cannot foresee ever stopping!

— Hayden Longmire, Artist

"Challenging, yet healthful."

I am so grateful to Karen Sella for introducing me to yoga. I am a big girl at 47 from a lot of years chained to a computer. Karen gently coached me into positions and stretches that were challenging, yet healthful. I did much more than I thought was possible and felt so great after our session.

— Lara O'Neal Jones, Writer & Owner, Technoglyphics

"Nothing short of transformative."

Karen Sella is amazing. When I began with Karen, I didn't know my Downward Dog from my sit bones. I never imagined that I'd be one of those "yoga people," but a doctor suggested that I give yoga a try to help reduce my stress levels. 

Karen's teaching has been nothing short of transformative. In a few months of practice, my blood pressure is the lowest my doctor has seen it. My wife appreciates what she calls my "yoga body." My usually high stress levels are manageable. I am more flexible, balanced, and strong than I would have imagined possible. And I've learned to love yoga.

— Steve Thomas, Partner, Oneicity

"A well-versed Yoga Master."

Hell, if I knew what yoga was like, I would have quit seeing the shrinks years ago, and spent my money more carefully on a well-versed Yoga Master. You are the best, thank you!

— Greg P., Triathlete

"Gentle style and great sense of humor."

I attended one of Karen's yoga workshops four years ago, and have been a loyal practitioner ever since. Her gentle style and great sense of humor keep me coming every week. Karen's sessions offered me a safe environment to rebuild strength after an injury, and at the same time, push myself to new levels of flexibility. I always leave feeling more centered than when I arrived. 

— Nicole Wortley

"Truly a gift in life."

It is said that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear..and suddenly, there she was! An instructor with deep, extensive knowledge topped with a delightful sense of humor, Karen creates an atmosphere of beauty, light, and open space. She welcomes us just as we are whatever is happening in our world. Here, I can work out the kinks and release. Her powerful teachings are truly a gift in life.

— Debbie Fecher Gramstad, Artist

"Refreshed, revitalized, and reconnected."

Over the last two years, I've become more flexible and resilient, both physically and emotionally, through my yoga practice with Karen. I've come to yoga in every state you can imagine (as Karen says, "It's all welcome here.")tearful, fuming, or dragging in a tired, creaky body, and have left an hour later feeling refreshed, revitalized, and reconnectednot once, but many, many times! Thanks, Karen, for being a steadying presence in my life through a couple difficult yearssometimes it takes a village to raise a mother.

— Jenny Macaluso

"Brilliant way of entertaining and teaching at the same time."

Where can I begin? It started with yoga and your brilliant way of entertaining and teaching at the same time. Then football started. You scheduled a private session for me so accommodate my NFL addiction and you accommodated my barely there income. Our sessions often became like a therapy session for me.. You helped me through some very dark times with brilliant words of wisdom and unbelievable hugs. Thank you, Karen, for all of those Monday nights.

— Heather Kurtz


Film credit: the extraordinarily talented Matt Longmire of Northwest Films. Thank you, Matt!