Trataka is a Yogic meditation practice that involves gazing at a single point to develop one-pointed concentration of the mind (ekagrata). One gazes at an external object or symbol (bahiranga trataka), such as a dot or candle flame placed at eye-level about an arm's length away for a specified period of time. Focusing the gaze on an external object steadies the eye movements and concentrates scattered or fragmented attention, priming the mind for one-pointed concentration.

In time, one closes the eyes and concentrates on the inner afterimage in the mind's eye (antaranga trataka). 

Try it now.

Seat yourself in a comfortable position with the red dot/blue circle at eye-level, approximately an arm's distance away. 

Set a timer for 10-20 minutes.

Fix your gaze on the red dot in the center of the blue circle.

Whenever your focus wavers, simply return your attention back to the red dot. 

Once you have mastered the ability to keep your focus on the red dot for a period of time, try beginning the practice gazing at the red dot for 1-2 minutes, and then, closing your eyes and focusing on the after-image or internalized red dot visualized in your mind. 

You may also try this with a still candle flame instead of the red dot/blue circle image.

Trataka with SoHam Mantra

You may also try this sample trataka meditation combining a blue dot object of focus with a traditional mantra, SoHam, a Sanskrit word that means "I am that," or "I am that I am."